Perth Soakwell Specialists

Triton Plumbing, Gas and Excavations has drainage solutions for your entire Domestic and Commercial needs including soakwell size and placement requirements, connection to council storm water (silt pit), spoon drain installation and underground rainwater storage.

Unfortunately, it is common practice for some companies to install soakwells that are too small or made of inferior products, this can cause the soakwells to collapse or can cause the rain water to overflow into your gutters. Triton Plumbing, Gas and Excavations will ensure that all your drainage size requirements are met and that only quality products are used at all times.

If your soakwells are of a good quality and installed correctly they can last a lifetime, once they are installed you can almost forget they are there and your driveways, garden and other outside structures can all be installed as normal.

Soakwell FAQ

1.    What is a Soakwell?

A soakwell is a product that is dug into the ground to catch rainwater and allows it to soak into the ground. Soakwells are connected to your downpipes or to a grate in your driveway so when it rains the water does not flood near your house.

2.    Why do I need soakwells

It is illegal for our rainwater and pool backwash water to run into household drains that collect our wastewater.

3.    Why can’t rain just run out of my downpipes?

It is a requirement by most Councils that soakwells be installed or the property be connected to a silt pit to catch your rainwater, this is because if you don’t catch the rainwater into installed soakwells or a silt pit it can cause unwanted problems like flooding, undermining the footings of a property or even attract termites. This could cause hundreds and even thousands of dollars worth of damage

4.    What is a silt pit?

A silt pit is a stormwater pit that is connected to the Shire’s stormwater drains.

Soakwell Products

Recycled Polypropylene Soakwell


  • Suitable for use under trafficable areas
  • Extra large unit tank capacity
  • Interlock vertically and horizontally for maximum stability
  • Easy on-site assembly
  • Geotextile cover to stop sand leaching
  • Using 100% recycled polypropylene material

Concrete Soakwell


  • Suitable for use under trafficable areas
  • Grates available in all sizes and shapes for driveways and commercial carparks
  • Grates provide easy access for cleaning

Spoon Drain


  • Tough, durable, lightweight plastic moulding
  • 1m and 3m Channels give flexibility
  • Joiners allow the construction of lengthy channels
  • Spoon drain is trafficable to 5 tonne
  • Easy onsite assembly