Mini Excavator Hire Perth

If you are looking to hire a mini excavator with an experienced operator within the Perth metro area, then look no further.

Triton Plumbing, Gas and Excavations has a 1.5 tonne excavator to fulfil all your small excavation requirements including the digging of trenches for drainage, piping and electrical purposes.

Our 1.5 tonne mini excavator is of a smaller size and can easily fit into those areas that other, bigger equipment, would find hard to access.

You can be certain that when you hire our 1.5 tonne mini excavator it comes with an experienced operator at affordable rates.  The charges are calculated, depending on the amount of time the excavator takes to travel to the site, along with the time spent on site. This is subject to a minimum number of hours.

Minimum hours charged:
Minimum of 2 hours on site
Minimum of 1 hour travel

The site location, terrain and general slope should be discussed with the operator prior to the commencement of the job. This will make certain that there are no unnecessary delays and ensure we can just get on with the job once the mini excavator is on site.