Drainage problems are awful and messy and can spread germs through your home or commercial building quickly. For this reason, drainage problems need to be dealt with as soon as possible. Triton Plumbing, Gas and Excavations can take care of these drainage issues for you. We offer a complete range of residential and commercial drainage solutions including repairs, construction and deconstruction.

Whether it is a household drainage job or a bigger, more complicated job, our team is well trained, highly skilled and genuinely dedicated to offering you the best solutions quickly and efficiently.


Triton Plumbing, Gas & Excavations offer a complete range of residential and commercial drainage solutions within the Perth metro area. Our qualified team will happily assist you with your sewer connections and conversions or septic tank and leach drain installations and decommissioning along with any other drainage issues you may have.

Whether you have a commercial or residential drainage issue, Triton Plumbing, Gas & Excavations are ready to provide quick and effective solutions leaving your premise clean and tidy after the job is completed.


Is your sink, shower or toilet slow to drain, or regularly blocking up? Then it is time to call Triton Plumbing, Gas and Excavations. If you seem to be grabbing the plunger more often than not to unblock your drains or have wasted vast amounts of money on shop bought drain cleaning products then it is time to consider a more efficient and lasting solution.

Some common causes of blocked drains are:

  • soap residue and hair buildup
  • food and kitchen scraps
  • foreign objects, or
  • old, damaged pipe

If you have a residential or commercial property with a blocked sink, shower or toilet, Triton Plumbing, Gas and Excavations have the equipment to help. Call us now, and we will be happy to assist.